Gardena Premium Tap Connector 1

Gardena Premium Tap Connector 1"

Gardena Premium Hose Connector

Gardena Premium Hose Connector

Gardena Premium Water Stop

The Premium Water Stop by GARDENA is a particularly robust and high-quality metal-plastic connector, which enables you to change watering accessories quickly and easily. As soon as you disconnect an accessory such as a spray nozzle, the water flow is immediately cut off by the Auto Water Stop function and only starts again when you firmly connect another watering accessory to the hose. This saves you a trip to the tap and you can continue watering your plants on the spot. Several features ensure ease of use during operation. One of them is the high hose pressure, which is achieved by the sturdy metal clamping nut with extended hose guide. The extended hose guide prevents the hose from slipping out of the water tap. The Premium Water Stop has grooved recessed grips for exceptionally comfortable handling and to prevent slipping from wet hands.

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