10L Westland Citrus Potting Mix (Enriched with Seramis)

10L Westland Citrus Potting Mix (Enriched with Seramis)

8L Westland Orchid Potting Mix (Enriched with Seramis)

Westland Orchid Potting Mix is a rich in pink bark dry, free-draining, peat free mix which prevents over watering and deters flies for healthier, happier plants. Added zinc complex promotes more root growth into the mix, with faster re-potting establishment and also boosts plant resilience. It is enriched with unique Seramis® granules to help plants access even more water and nutrients!

Key features:
Peat free potting mix
For healthy growth and abundant flowering
Perfect blend of Seramis® granules and pine bark for airflow and drainage
Enriched with zinc complex for improved rooting

How To Use:
Live life in full bloom! The first step is to finding a new pot, choose one with just enough room for the roots and fill one third of the pot with potting mix. Remove dead and shrivelled roots but leave potting mix attached to healthy plump white roots. Place the orchid in the pot and carefully spread out the roots. Gently hold the plant by its stem and fill around the roots. Tap the pot to settle the potting mix - do not firm down. TOP TIPS - Orchids may need anchoring in the pot with a stick or with wire. Repot just after flowering or during the period when new growth and new roots appear.


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