Gardena Standard Hose Connector

Gardena Standard Hose Connector

Gardena Premium Tap Connector 3/8

Gardena Premium Tap Connector 3/8"

Gardena Hose Repairer

The Hose Repairer from GARDENA makes it possible to quickly and easily repair a garden hose if it has suffered damage and has become leaky. You do not need any extra tools for the repair, only a pair of scissors. For the first step, you use the scissors to cut out the damaged part of the hose. Then insert the Hose Repairer. The specially shaped union nuts with power grip make it effortless to screw in. The new connection will have a high hose grip, achieved by the specially shaped union nut. This helps deliver a reliable water flow. The repairer is frost-resistant, so it is not affected by sub-zero temperatures.

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