2kg Epicure Seed Potatoes

2kg Epicure Seed Potatoes

Pink Fir Apple Seed Potatoes (Taster Pack of 10)

Pink Fir Apple Seed Potatoes (Taster Pack of 10)

2kg Sharpe's Express Seed Potatoes

Grow your own seed potatoes!

These first early seed potatoes:

- Have a distinctive flavour
- Good all rounder
- Shallow eyes
- Perfect for Salad, Boil, Bake, Mash, Chip & Roast.

Harvesting Time: June - July

Growing Instructions:

To sprout seed potatoes, place in a light, cool area and protect from frost.

Planting can take place as soon as the risk of frost has passed in your area, during spring. Plant 4-5"" (10-12cm) deep in shallow ridges. Seed should be 8-9"" (20-22cm) apart in the row, with 2ft (60cm) between each row.

Earth the plants up when they are 8" (20cm) tall. This encourages a higher yield of potatoes.

Watering your plants well will improve crop yield and discourage scab from forming.

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