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Walnut (Juglans) Broadview

Quick Overview

This unusually prolific Walnut produces a heavy crop of nuts in 2 to 3 years from planting.

Unripe nuts are fantastic for pickling. For the more adventurous you can grind the hard shells of ripe nuts and use as a stuffing in the traditional Italian pasta dish 'Agnolotti'. Apomictic (produces nuts without pollination) - so effectively self fertile. With careful pruning a fruiting bush of around 12ft - 15ft can be produced. To keep to this sort of size tip prune regularly throughout the growing season when five or six leaves of growth have been made.

Broadview is the most popular Walnut variety grown in the UK, and is well-suited to the our climate in Ireland as well as being self-fertile. Broadview copes much better in our climate than other varieties, largely because its leaves appear quite late in the season meaning that it is less susceptible to frost damage in Spring.

'Broadview' Walnut facts

It is a medium sized deciduous tree and with regular pruning it can be kept to a manageable size of around 12-15ft (3-4 metres) making it suitable for all but the smallest of gardens; this pruning also encourages heavier fruiting. With the right care fruiting can begin after just three years of being planted, and is very prolific.

Pruning should be undertaken between mid-summer and early autumn to avoid excessive bleeding. All they need is a regular pinching out of growth at the fifth or sixth leaves to encourage bushy new growth.

Walnuts tolerate most soils, but prefer a rich free draining loam in full sun. They should be planted in autumn or winter and spaced at least 25ft apart.

Walnut Broadview has been given the RHS Award of Garden Merit as an excellent garden plant. 

It is often said that Walnut trees will inhibit the growth of other plants in the garden (apples, potatoes and tomatoes are particularly susceptible as far as edible plants are concerned); this is more so true with Black Walnuts (Juglans nigra) than with cultivars of Juglans regia.

That said, care should be taken as these too release juglone (a kind of poison that inhibits plant growth) from their roots and also from their leaves. The rule of thumb is avoid planting anything under or within a few feet of the canopy or eventual canopy of the tree (the roots underneath can be estimated to spread as far as the tree on top) and make sure you clear up and burn the fallen leaves - certainly don't compost them!

Did you know?

The walnut is an ancient tree that has significance in many cultures. On the small Greek Island of Skopelos, legend has it that someone who plants a walnut tree will die as soon as it grows tall enough to see the sea.

In rural villages in Serbia a walnut is traditionally cracked open on Christmas morning. If the nut inside is good, it was seen as a good omen that the year ahead will be prosperous... somewhat cheerier than for the inhabitants of Skopelos!

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