Rhododendron Nugget  ® (by Bloombux)

Rhododendron Nugget ® (by Bloombux)

Prunus lusitanica 'Angustifolia' - Portuguese Laurel, Portugal Laurel

Prunus lusitanica 'Angustifolia' - Portuguese Laurel, Portugal Laurel

Taxus media 'Hicksii' - Yew hedging

Taxus media 'Hicksii'

Hicksii Yew hedging plants, is a dense bushy variety of Yew its broad columnar habit of growth makes it an excellent choice for a smaller Yew hedge. Its narrower more upright growth makes it a very versatile plant useful as a dense evergreen hedge providing shelter as a windbreak or giving privacy where needed.

The deep green needles of Yew hicksii provide a perfect backdrop for vividly coloured flowers and ornamental shrubs and the ability to keep the height to a compact 30cm makes it perfect for edging beds and borders which can then be filled with colour. It is also suitable for taller hedges up to 150-200cm high.

If the garden is in need of focal points or architectural features then planting Yew hicksii singly or in small groups will provide these effects. This useful variety of Yew can also be pruned and clipped into topiary shapes giving more style and substance to any garden
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