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Stephanotis - Madagascar Jasmine - Very Fragrant

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Waxy white star shaped tubular flowers appear in clusters . These can bloom at any time of the year indoors with enough light, warmth and humidity, although they bloom most often during spring and summer.

Giving The Madagascar Jasmine Plant Some Love And Care

Pruning: Not a lot of pruning should be done; it wont encourage new growth very much at all, unlike many other vines.

Any shoots with leaves not doing so well can be removed during spring.

    • Temperature: Temperatures from 18 - 26°C are ideal during spring and summer. Try around 13 - 15°C for a month or two during winter (before spring) but no lower than 7°C which may encourage blooms for late spring - summer.

    • Light: Plenty of bright light is needed during the active growing season. Direct sunlight during the day is fine for a couple of hours or so, but do avoid hot summer sun. A spot close to a window with the right balance of sunlight and shade is ideal.

    • Water: While the plant is actively growing you'll need to water the plant thoroughly (once the top soil has started to dry out). Just top the water up slightly during the winter, only when the first top inch of soil becomes quite dry. Rainwater or distilled is best used for watering, especially in hard water areas.

    • Fertilizer: During spring and summer feed once every 2 weeks with a high potassium liquid fertilizer - which should encourage flowering.

  • Air Humidity: During the summer extra humidity may need to be provided if the air becomes dry, with misting or a humidity tray. If you can, also avoid dry air from artificial heating during the winter.


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