Mushroom Grow Kit - Shii-Take

Mushroom Grow Kit - Shii-Take

Mushroom Grow Kit - Grey Oyster

Mushroom Grow Kit - Grey Oyster

Mushroom Grow Kit - Yellow Oyster

The Yellow Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit contains everything that you need to grow your own crop of exotic mushrooms.

Natural, fun and ok to grow indoors.

The set contains a plastic bag with sub-strate. When opening the box, check if the substrate has grown completely white, otherwise close the box with the carton lid (you no longer need the plastic lid) and store for 10-14 days at 20-25oC. Make sure that you leave the plastic bag around the substrate.

1) CULTIVATION: You start the cultivation process by making five 2-3cm incisions in the plastic containing the substrate. Then water the substrate with 1 litre of water, so that the surface is moist. (then leave the set with the carton lid on it at a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celcius)

2) After around 2 weeks, white pins appear. Now take the lid from the box, indent the four corners of the lid, remove the inner circle from the top of the lid, and put it back on the box. Now put the box in a room where daylight enters, at a tempera-ture of 10-15oC, but not in direct sunlight.

3) Make sure that the surface of the substrate NEVER dries out. Moisten at least once a day with a plant spray (not too wet)

4) From the white pins, small stems with grey dots appear, the so-called "cluster". Continue to spray the mushrooms daily to prevent them drying out during fruiting.

5) HARVESTING: total harvesting time may extend to three months. A cluster must be pulled out from the substrate with a turning movement, make sure that no part of flesh remains in the substrate. Before consumption, trim the mushroom 1cm below the gills. The stems, which are slightly tougher, can be used to make a sauce or soup. Now the cycle repeats itself at point 3. You may harvest 3 times from the set. Before each harvest run, make 5 new incisions in the plastic. Good luck and bon appetit


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