Rose Amica  ADR

Rose Amica ADR

Rose Glorious Babylon Eyes

Rose Glorious Babylon Eyes

Rose Sterntaler

A Fairy Tale Rose, conspicious for its quartered and scented flowers and the healthy foliage.
They release a strong but very pleasant fragrance and appear repeatedly in several flushes from June throughout the season. Fading flowers reveal pale apricot to salmon shades.

It makes strong stems ideal for cutting, forming upright, well-branched shrubs about one meter tall.
An ideal rose due to its strong fragrance, high disease resistance and winter hardiness. Has received several awards in International Rose Competitions.

Sterntaler is the original name of a German fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers .
It is about a poor, orphaned girl who goes out into the countryside, and all she has is her clothing and a loaf of bread. She is a goodhearted person and during her journey she gives all her possessions away to others in need. She ends up with a skirt only and meets a little naked girl begging for it. She does not hesitate to give away her skirt, too. At that moment stars begin to fall and turn into silver dollars at her feet. She collects them and returns to the village, never again having to worry about money.
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