Recycling Policy

At Johnstown Garden Centre , we know a lot about nature and how important it is that we protect it for future generations.

We have en extensive policy of recycling and reusing throughout the company.

Cafe/ Restaurant : No single use plastics are now used in the Cafe. All take out products such as Coffee cups, lids, stirrers, straws etc are fully compostable. All waste is segretated into compostable food waste, cardboard and plastic bottles and packaging, and this is all sent for recycling and composting.

Shop: All Pallets, Cardboard and Plastic Packaging are segregated and sent for recycling.

Plants: All plants arrive on returnable metal trollies, a system which works throughout Europe. Any Paper, Cardboard or Plastic packaging is fully recovered and send for recycling. The industry is moving now to using cardboard trays for packing plants replacing plastic.

All plant pots that are not black can be sent for recycling in customers Green Bins. There is a rapid changeover happening now to replace all pots with coloured pots that are made from recycled plastic and are fully recyclable.. Black pots should be reused in your garden. You will find many uses for them

All plant waste, clippings, soil, compost etc. is all sent for composting with all plastic labels etc. removed.

Online order supply: We reuse all usable, suitable boxes that arrive into the shop with incoming stock for outgoing orders. All boxes and paper packaging used is fully recyclable or compostable in customers compost bins.

Bags used to contain the damp soil around plants are now fully compostable and not made from plastic .

As part of Repaks "Team Green", we urge you to  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as much of your household waste as possible and always make your own "green waste" compost in the garden