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Corylus Webb's Prize Cobb - Hazel nut, Cobb nut

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Corylus a. 'Webb's Prize Cob'

Cobnut Tree Webb's Prize is new cultivated variety of common hazel, best known for its compact size and weeping habit. This cultivar is often grown for its abundant nut crops and attractive looks.

As with other members of the Hazel family (Corylus Avellana), Webb's Prize Cobb is partially self-fertile. In the spring, the tree produces showy catkins (male) that pollinate the inconspicuous flowers (female). The shiny, green leaves turn to beautiful shade of golden yellow in the autumn.

The nuts on established trees ripen around September, and are similar in taste and shape to those produced by Corylus maxima (Filibert) but with heavier production.

Easy to grow and care for, Corylus Webb's Prize Cobb tolerates any soil, as long as it is light and well drained. Plant this tree in a sheltered location, in full sun or dappled shade. Tough and robust, this cultivar tolerates both cold and wet conditions.

If you plan on growing Corylus Avellana Webb's Prize Cobb for its nuts, to ensure a maximum production of nuts, it is best to plant at least 2 hazel trees (of any variety) as they are wind pollinated. Space them about 4 meters apart. Not unlike all hazelnut varieties, this cultivar needs to be at least 4 years old to start producing nuts.

SIZE: 3 litre pot , 30-40cm high

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