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Daphne Odora Marianii

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Daphne Marianii

What a beautiful plant this is to have around especially in winter.

Daphne odora also called Winter Daphne or Fragrant Daphne and blooms in late winter to early spring.
In most years that would be late February to early March.

The flowers usually last for several weeks to a month and are so fragrant one cluster will perfume an entire room.
I wish I could make these pictures scratch and sniff. One touch of the screen would produce a sweet fragrance that would rival any ladies perfume on the market.
Daphne odora is a slow growing evergreen that requires a very well drained soil that will stay moist.

The mature size of this plant is supposed to be about three to four feet high and wide.

The plant pictured has taken nearly fifteen years to reach three feet tall and three plus feet wide.
As you can see it makes a rather uniform mound of a plant, well suited for foundation plants on the north or north east side of a building. It will generally stay within the area between the sidewalk and the house.
One plant even a small one will be enough to delight the nose of any passer by.


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