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Gaultheria proc. 'Big Berry'®

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Gaultheria proc. 'Big Berry'®

Gaultheria procumbens, also known as checkerberry, is a popular product that is widely used in winter gardens. In the regions from which it originates in Asia and North America Gaultheria’s leaves are used to make tea.
Its green foliage and appealing large red berries make it excellent groundcover, but also highly suitable for a winter display on the patio and balcony. The Gaultheria series in the Winter Pearls Collection features the varieties Big Berry and Red Baron. Big Berry particularly stands out because of the size of the red berries. Red Baron can be recognised by the many smaller red berries.


The plant is very suitable for planting in borders or patio pots
Light position, in sun or partial shade
Keep the soil sufficiently damp, but do ensure good drainage
Gaultheria can be used as a houseplant. After a 6-8 week period the plant can be placed outside.

SIZE: 1 litre pot

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