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Mulberry (Morus) Chelsea (King James)

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Delicious berry-like fruits with a unique tart-sweet taste, a connoiseur's choice as you will never find this fruit on the supermarket shelves. The black mulberry is generally considered the best tasting of the various mulberry species, fantastic with cheese or ice cream, or for jam -making.

Pluck the fruits and eat within 2 hours to appreciate at their best.

Known to be a very long lived tree, and can bear fruit for several hundred years. These trees generally take 6-10 years to bear fruit.

Position: Full sun.

Soil: Deep and moist soils. Well drained.

Flowering period: April-June.

Hardiness: Hardy

Plant in full sun, if possible out of cold, dry winds. Stake out for the first few years, and only prune during the winter months when the sap won't 'bleed' out. Prune lightly removing only dead or low branches.

SIZE: 12L container

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