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Nippon Wasp Trap

Quick Overview

Disposable wasp trap with wasp attractant

Wasps tend to become one of the garden's major pests during June to September, but Nippon Wasp Control System can help keep them at bay so you can enjoy being outdoors.

Highly effective, Nippon Wasp Trapis easy-to-use and easy-to-replace.

Nippon Wasp Trap:

Safe to use around children and pets
Each trap remains effective for up to three months
Simple to hang from trees, trellises and tall shrubs.
Creating a wasp-free zone, each control system includes one trap and one bottle of wasp attractant.

Simply snip the top off the attractant and pour into the Nippon Wasp Trap Bag. Then fill the bag with water to the specified fill line.

Hang the bag vertically by the twist tie on your chosen spot. When using a large amount of traps, make sure they are positioned 10 metres apart, but where insect activity is high, the distance between each trap can be reduced.

The Nippon Wasp Trap should be checked regularly and changed when the liquid is saturated with dead wasps.

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