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Flopro Eco Smart Watering 24 Dripper Solar Efficient Irrigation System

Quick Overview

Solar efficient irrigation. The more the sun shines, the more it waters. For use with Water Butts & other non-pressurised water sources.


Easy to set up, easy to use
You will never forget to water again
Saves plants from drought, waters when you are on holiday
Waters every 3 hours
Night mode system detects darkness - switches controller off to prevent watering unnecessarily
A 200 litre water butt typically lasts 3 weeks
Set includes

1 x smart solar controller with integrated pump
1 x water level sensor
1 x inlet filter
1 x anti-siphon device
1 x syringe
2 x 15m tube
24x drippers and stakes with tees
3 x NimH rechargable batteries

Extra Information

The first time you turn the system on the batter may be fully charged or even flat. If the pump is fully charged then please note the pump may run for a few hours. It can take between 24 and 48 hours to regulate itself and operate normally. During this period you may experience extra watering though rest assured this is completely normal and will settle down.

If the battery is flat and the pump will not start - please turn the knob to 5 and leave in the sun for 3 hours and it will start automatically. Thereafter it will operate normally.

The pump starts every 3 hours and runs until the battery voltage starts to drop. The more the sun shines, the more charge and therefore the more it waters.

A constant LED light indicates your pump is running

A flashing LED light indicates the unit is in charging mode

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