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Fresh Moss for Hanging Baskets

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Natural Moss for hanging baskets is an ideal natural liner for hanging baskets, tubs, planters and window baskets.

1 box will line 2 average sized 35cm hanging baskets.

How to use:  Line the basket with a thick layer of Natural Moss for hanging baskets to approbimately 1/3 of its height. Place a round piece of perforated polythene into the bottom of the basket to help retain moisture. Then fill a third of the way up with Compost. Do not press down. Gently insert plants through the side wires. Continue to line the basket with Natural Moss, adding compost and plants until close to the rim.

Make a deep hole in the centre and position the tallest plant. Fill the rest of the space with plants, covering all the roots with compost. Water the basket, allow to drain, then water again to ensure the compost is fully moistened.

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