Prunus sargentii

Prunus sargentii



Prunus Oku-miyako, also known as Blushing Bride or Shogetsu

Prunus Oku-miyako, also known as Blushing Bride or Shogetsu, is a popular Japanese flowering cherry.

The main attraction is the cascading clusters of blossom hanging on long stalks. The large double flowers are tinged with pink, but open to a pure white.

Shogetsu flowers quite late, starting in May in most areas. The leaves appear at the same time as the flowers, and are initially a light bronze-green colour.

In autumn the leaves take on orange tints, although this is somewhat weather dependent - it is more likely when autumn is sunny but with cold nights.

The tree develops an impressive presence as it grows, taking on an increasingly spreading habit - a mature tree is likely to be considerably wider than it is high, eventually taking on a parasol-like appearance. It is one of the best flowering cherries for winter form.

Sometimes called " Table Top" cherries

Grows to about 3-4 metres high x 4-5m wide after 10 years

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