What is the difference?

Rambling roses are generally older varieties that grow quite tall - up to 7 - 10 metres even through tall trees.
They have a great profusion of small blooms that flower generally between June and August.
The stems are generally very pliable and easy to train along a wall or fence or else they reach high into trees and tall hedges.
They are generally quite trouble free but just need hard pruning in September each year
by pruning out the flowered stems
right down to ground level and tying in the strong new shoots that develop immediately in September and October.

Climbing roses on the other hand are newer more modern varieties that have much larger individual flowers,
and they bloom for a much longer period from June to November.
They are smaller plants generally growing 2-3m high and suitable for covering walls, sheds, pergola pillars .
These need a bit more care in the way of pruning, feeding, and dead heading to prolong the succession of flowers.
They have some lovely names such as Galway Bay, Dublin Bay, New Dawn, Warm Welcome.

Climbing and Rambling Roses

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