Hydrangea Musical

Hydrangea Musical "Deep Purple Dance"

Crocosmia Emily Mckenzie

Crocosmia Emily Mckenzie

Hydrangea Incrediball -Improved Strong Annabelle

Hydrangea Incrediball - Improved Strong Annabelle

Hydrangea "Incrediball" is a new and improved 'Annabelle' Hydrangea from Spring Meadow Nursery that will amaze everyone with its colossal blooms.

Hydrangea Incrediball has strong, hefty stems, that won't droop, and large dark green leaves. The blooms emerge a lime green, change to white, then turn green as they age and are striking in both fresh and dried arrangements. This new hardy hydrangea produces massive 12" blooms!

Hydrangea 'Incrediball' is very adaptable, but proliferates in rich, well drained, moist soil. This smooth hydrangea blooms on new wood and will tolerate being cut back to the ground. If you plant this hardy hydrangea in full sun, sufficient moisture is required.

During hot, dry summers additional watering will be required to keep Hydrangea Incrediball flowering. Suits sun or shade. Grows to 4ft high and wide.
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