Cotyledon 'Silver Peak'

Cotyledon 'Silver Peak'

Dieffenbachia Summer Style

Dieffenbachia Summer Style

Calathea crocata

The Eternal Flame is a relative new-comer among flowering house plants. It is a striking plant that is nevertheless generally undemanding.

This is a tropical plant, native to Brazil. 

The upper sides of the Eternal Flame’s leaves are a metallic dark green with purple hues; the undersides are bronze-purple. As in most other varieties they have a puckered texture.

The flower spikes grow at the top of tall stems. The true flowers are orange-yellow with rose-red sepals, and are tubular in shape. They are almost hidden among the bright yellow-orange bracts, which form the most visible part of the flower head.

Because it is a purely tropical plant it needs an even climate throughout the year. It will do well indoors, but needs high levels of humidity  around the leaves. 

Give plenty of light— a partially shaded position is ideal—and preferably soft water. You can use rain water, or add a teaspoon of citric acid to hard water to soften it.

Tropical plants will not tolerate the cold, so if you keep your plant in a window, move it to a position a little away from the window in winter. Rapid changes in temperature are also harmful, so if you buy your plant in winter, protect it against the cold when you take it home.

The Eternal Flame will grow to a height and spread of about 30cm (12in). The leaves, produced on long stems, are 19-23cm (7-9in) in length.

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