Phormium Jester

Phormium Jester

Picea Pungens Hoopsii - Blue Spruce

Picea Pungens Hoopsii - Blue Spruce

Leucothoe Scarletta

Scarletta® is a beautiful p variety of leucothoe with lance-shaped, glossy leaves that emerge bronze or red, change to mid green in summer, and turn red in autumn and deep burgundy red in winter.

It dislikes direct sunlight. However, if grown in full sun, it has to be well mulched and never left dried out. Thus it will show more red and purple even in summer. As a groundcover, it is ideal for planting beneath taller shrubs or trees providing diffused sunshine, or in semi-shade.

It tolerates most soils but will be beautiful and healthiest in slightly acidic, fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Fully hardy to -25°C

Very easy low maintenance plant! 

Grows to 50-60cm high and wide,

The young leaves look like hot flames


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