Cistus Purpureus

Cistus Purpureus

Rosmarinus Miss Jessops Upright - Rosemary

Rosmarinus Miss Jessops Upright - Rosemary

Kerria Japonica Golden Guinea - Japanese Rose

In the winter this shrub consisted of leafless light green whippy branches which can be used in winter flower arrangements.

In spring the plant boasts numerous bright golden yellow flowers on the still leafless whippy branches.

The graceful sharply toothed leaves will arrive just as the flowering is coming to a close, without even so much as a late note.

Kerria is tough and carefree, growing in anything from full sun to deep shade.

It is also an ideal wall shrub for a north facing wall, bear in mind that the long green shoots must be given some form of support such as wires.

Height 1.5- 2m Height up to 2m, spread 2m


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