Summer Truffle on Hazel nut tree

Truffle Tree

Plant in shady soil or open ground, ideally with a PH of 7.3 to 7.6, - Limey well drained soil. Test the soil and add lime if needed..

Normal harvest time is June to November , after 4-6 years.

A typical plant should produce about 1kg of truffles per year on average after 4-6 years Normal harvest time is June to November.They can live for 50 years! The beauty of this is that Hazelnut trees are totally hardy,native plants, suitable for any garden size as they can be pruned, and will grow in most Irish soils because they like lime. Truffles once grew everywhere in Ireland until all the trees were cut down in the famine times and they died out. Now we have a chance to reintroduce them again. You get to enjoy the hazelnuts and the truffles! The hazel tree is also a great wildlife tree.

Planted out in the garden, they will produce highly prized truffles in 4-6 years. Ample Hazelnuts will also come as a bonus if more than 1 are planted.

A fantastic gift idea for Gardeners, Chefs and Gourmets.

Trees are supplied as young plants 30-40cm high, with full instruction booklet and a certificate. Truffles require a limey soil to grow well so you should check the soil with a Soil Test Kit before planting. . Note - plants have no leaves in winter.

How to Know You've Got a Truffle

To spot truffles, you typically look for the br
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