Chamomile Roman

Chamomile Roman

Garlic Chives - Plant

Garlic Chives - Plant

Coriander herb, Cilantro

Coriander has essentials oils in it which prevent aging of the eye and also keeps the eye stress free

Coriander is used in cooked as well as raw form in daily meals.

All parts of coriander are used in cooking i.e. leaves (fresh as well as dried), stems and seeds.

The most aromatic part of this plant is the stems and the most flavored part are the leaves.

Garnishing any dish with fresh coriander leaves just before serving not only gives a good aroma but also enhances the flavor of the dish.

Coriander, grown in rich, moist soil, in partial shade will produce plenty of lush, green leaves. If you wish to grow it for it's seed, ie. spice, it will do best in full sun.


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