Blueberry Pink Lemonade

Blueberry Pink Lemonade" Or "Pinkberry"

Tayberry Buckingham - New Thornfree, Self Fertile

Tayberry Buckingham - New Thornfree, Self Fertile

Punica Granatum - Pomegranate

This attractive, self-fertile,shrub bears glossy foliage and vibrant, funnel shaped, orange flowers over a long period throughout summer. The fruits form at the base of the flowers and ripen during mild autumns for harvesting in October and November. Enjoy the sweet-sharp fleshy fruits in desserts and savoury dishes or use the pomegranate 'kernels' to make a fragrant juice.

Often associated with much warmer climates, Pomegranate can tolerate temperatures down to -15C  when grown in a sheltered position. In particularly cold areas it can be grown in a large container and moved to a warmer position during the winter months.

Estimated time to cropping once planted: 3 years.

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