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  1. Cherry STARDUST

    Cherry STARDUST White-fleshed cherries are said to be the sweetest of all. Traditionally white cherries have always needed pollination partners but this new variety is the first ever self fertile white cherry. The large, delicious fruits are ready to harvest around the end of July and can be used for eating or cooking - if you can resist them for that long! The plants we sell are around 1.2-1.5m tall and 2-3 years old at the moment and will usually start to produce fruit in their third or fourth year. PLANT 3M (10FT) APART.
  2. Prunus 'Duo Cherry'- Family Cherry Tree

    Prunus 'Duo Cherry'- Family Cherry Tree The family tree is unique in that two different varieties are grafted onto one single tree . The varieties are: Red CHerry - Bigareau Napoleon and Grosse Schwarze Korpelkirsche, a black Cherry This gives really good pollination as the varieties pollinate each other. Long picking time: the different varieties are ripe at different times. Tasty fruits from a young age Remains small by regular pruning - 2- 2.5 metres high Rootstock is Gisela


2 Item(s)

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