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  1. Crataegus lae Crimson Cloud


    Not every tree is as aptly named as this one! A cloud of crimson flowers with striking white centres adorns the tree in May providing a very colourful and appealing display.

    Only reaching 5-7m (15- 23ft) with a rounded, gently arching canopy this hardy species makes an ideal garden tree. The stunning flowers are single and nectar-rich providing food for bees and other insects. Over the summer the flowers begin to form small red berries favoured by thrushes and other garden birds. The leaves are a typical hawthorn leaf shape; small with attractively cut edges.

    Crimson Cloud would make a good specimen tree for the lawn or would work equally well as a feature in the border. It forms a good screen when in leaf and has a relatively dense framework of bare branches in the winter months. Hawthorns are tolerant of any soil and are hardy in exposed locations. Plenty of sunshine is best although they do grow in partial shade.

  2. Crataegus Pauls Scarlet - Red Flowering Hawthorn Tree

    Hawthorn. A rounded thorny tree with glossy mid-green leaves. Clusters of double scarlet flowers, followed by red or orange-red fruit. Height 6m. Spread 3m. Flower colour Scarlet. Flowers from April to May.

  3. Magnolia Genie

    This new Magnolia is the result of 15 years breeding by Vance Hopper from New Zealand.

    The result is a small compact tree reaching 3 metres in 10 years,

    flowers are red in colour, and very stable in comparison to other red magnolias.

    Frequently produces summer flowers and is completely hardy.

  4. Malus Indian Magic

    Dark red buds open to showy large deep pink flowers. Heavy production of small glossy red fruit changing to orange and persistent until well into the new year. Prominent purple leaves into mid summer. One of the best introductions in recent times. 

  5. Malus Rosehip

    An interesting large red round fruiting form with attractive pronounced calyces, very attractive – just like rosehips!

    Bright red skin with red flesh. Makes amber crab apple jelly.

    White fowers in the spring.

    Strong white blossom covers this vigorous but compact tree in spring.

    Small tree - up to 3.5m / 12ft

  6. Malus tor sar Tina

    A small cold hardy accent tree is an ideal spring specimen for both close and as long range focal points. A dense, dwarf form whose profuse bright red buds open to single white flowers that mature to small 1/4 inch red fruit.

    Striking as a small specimen. Vital to all wild gardens and very attractive in mixed woodlands or as small groves to compound wildlife value. Makes a good lawn tree.

    Grows just 5ft tall - 150cm.

  7. Malus Toringo Scarletta - Red Crab Apple Blossom

    Crab Apple Tree.

    A small, deciduous tree with green leaves, purple when young, turning orange and red in autumn. Masses of pink flowers are borne in May followed by red fruit in autumn. 

    Grows in most soils in sun or part shade. Height 4m, spread 3m after 10 years.

    Suitable for small gardens

  8. Prunus Brilliant

    Thanks to its size it is suitable for even the smallest of gardens.

    The main feature flowers appear earliest of all flowering cherries and plums - February and March. They are pure white with yellow stamens and there is always profusion of them on the tree every spring. Autumn leaves have vivid red, burgundy and orange shades.

    No need for pruning. It is soil tolerant but does best in well drained but moist soil.

    Fully hardy to about -34C Grows to about 3m high and 2m wide. Prune in summer if needed.

  9. Prunus Little Pink Perfection

    This small, spreading Flowering Cherry tree produces clusters of  frilly, double flowers in a variety of pink hues ranging from pale candyfloss through to a deep pinky-purple in spring.

    The flowers are complimented by light green and bronze new foliage which in the autumn displays vibrant bursts of red and orange.

    Grows to 4-5 m high and 3 metres wide



9 Item(s)

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