Campanula portenschlagiana Get Mee Blue

Campanula portenschlagiana Get Mee Blue

Campanula isophylla 'Atlanta'

Campanula isophylla 'Atlanta'

Ensete vertricosa 'Maurelii' - red banana

Ensete vertricosa 'Maurelii'

Not really Frost Hardy, but a real essential part of any exotic garden.

Can be kept in a pot or tub, but for optimum growth will need an 18 inch plus tub. Alternatively plant out in well manured ground with humus and water gel granules dug in.

Like all Bananas, they are gross feeders and like a constant supply of nutrients.

They need full sun to be at their best, but can grow in light dappled shade.

The wind tolerance is better than most bananas, but if grown in shade the leggy growth can be snapped by wind.

Over wintering when in pots is easy if you have a frost free place to store them. Don't water in the colder months, even it the leaves die back. For ground planted bananas lift before the first frosts, cut the leaves off and take most of the soil off the root ball. Tip the plant upside down to allow any water trapped in the pseudo stem to drain away. This is important to avoid rotting. Then the banana can be wrapped in a breathable wrapping and stored in a cool place. The garage or shed can be suitable places.

Check occasionally for signs of growth in spring (March/April). Once in growth pot up and grow on cool ready for the next planting out after the last frost.


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