Yucca Elephantipes

Yucca Elephantipes

Rhipsalis - Coral Cactus, Spice Cactus

Rhipsalis - Coral Cactus, Spice Cactus

Areca Palm - Syn Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens - Syn Dypsis Lutescens

The Areca Palm, native to Madagascar, is one of the most popular indoor houseplants sold today.

Indoors it is a medium sized exotic looking plant that usually reaches a height of 6-8 feet.

The Areca Palm gets its nickname, the Butterfly Palm, because its long feathery fronds (leaves) arch upwards off of multiple reed like stems. Each frond has between 40-60 leaflets on it. Areca Palms are a delight; they are inexpensive good-sized plants with beautiful green upright fronds Great in almost any room of the house

Site: A light position but will also handle some shade.

Temp: Average warmth will need misting if its really hot.

Water: Quite regularly in the growing season and rarely over the winter months.

Feeding: A liquid feed every month or so.


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