Daphne odora  x bholua 'Perfume Princess'

Daphne odora x bholua 'Perfume Princess'

Daphne odora 'Rogalski'

Daphne odora 'Rogalski'

It has wonderful evergreen foliage which is a bright green shade with yellow edges, which surround the elegant pink blooms. These gorgeous flowers are strongly scented, making them a fantastic addition in a fragrant garden. These flowers will appear early in the spring between February and March.

a beautiful evergreen foliage, bright green with yellow edges, and flowers with an intense fragrance. Among the range of small evergreen shrubs available for the garden, it is one of the first to flower.
It brings interest with its intense fragrance and lights up the dark corners to the garden with its foliage.

Height and spread 80cm (31”).

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