Magnolia soulangeana

Magnolia soulangeana

Sorbus Autumn Spire

Sorbus Autumn Spire

Cupressus sempervirens'Pyramidalis'

Cupressus sempervirens 'Pyramidalis'

The Italian Cypress is surely one of the most beautiful and evocative trees in the world! If you ever get out to Tuscany or Umbria you will be well and truly hooked on this wonderful conifer.

The cypress of Mediterranean antiquity, and widely used in the middle Ages to make chests because its pleasant smelling timber helped to keep clothes sweet.

In Ireland it is best to avoid cold, exposed sites for this architecturally columnar beauty, but it is a splendid choice for urban plantings and courtyard gardens.

It does best in rich, fertile soils.

Mature height: 10-15m, very narrow


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