Fittonia - Snakeskin Plant

Fittonia - Snakeskin Plant

Stag Antler Fern - Platycerium

Stag Antler Fern - Platycerium

Chlorophytum - Spider Plant

This plant from our grandmothers decade has returned! Its Latin name is derived from the words chloro for green and phyton for plant.

Chlorophytum is especially fit for households where there isn't much time for plant petting. It will not hold it against you if some days you are not fully attentive towards its needs. As long as you keep in mind some of the basic rules of plant care.

As it grows somewhat older it will grow long shoots on which little white bunches of flowers will appear. This will not look extremely beautiful, but it will look funny and surprising. Do not remove these shoots and flowers, for from the shoots you will see that new tiny Chlorophytum plants will develop.

You can leave the new plants on the stems of your original one, or you can carefully take them off. Just cut out the baby plants and plant them in a pot or in the soil of your garden.

Put your Chlorophytum in a colourful pot that matches your interior. Super trendy!

Chlorophytum appears on the NASA list for being one of the very best plants for air purification.


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