8L Westland Orchid Potting Mix (Enriched with Seramis)

8L Westland Orchid Potting Mix (Enriched with Seramis)

46L Westland Boost All Purpose Compost

give every container a boost

Westland Boost All Purpose Compost is our unique, specially blended compost to support the health of container plants. Peat free, enriched with starter feed and with our moisture lock technology it makes watering more effective and easier too. This compost is perfect for all containers and baskets, giving them the boost they need for stunning, vibrant floral displays.

The Moisture Lock Technology helps reduce plant stress, and gives you more abundant blooms, as well as brighter colours and glossier foliage. This technology incorporates water-storing granules that efficiently retain moisture, while an added surfactant ensures easier rewetting, maintaining optimal hydration levels for your plants. This West+2 wood fibres help reduce drying out yet this compost requires less watering than the average peat reduced and peat free composts.

This feed is specially formulated for use with peat based, peat free and ericaceous composts.

  • For vibrant and abundant containers and baskets

  • Retains and locks in water

  • Helps prevent drying out

  • Easier to rewet

  • Perfect for all containers

boost all purpose compost

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