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Bonsai Akadama Japanese Compost - Japanese Bonsai Soil

Bonsai Akadama Japanese Compost

Red Ball Soil is the literal translation from Japanese of " Akadama".

This type of soil is large grained and not at all powdery. This is what is found in Japanese gardens because of the volcanic activity. Akadama is dug out of old Cryptomeria Forests, dried by being piled up onto concrete and then fired. Akadama can not only be used as a potting medium, but also as a decorative top dressing .

Provides the perfect ratio of air and water Has a neutral PH: Ph 6 - 5.9 Retains the perfect amount of water Because of it's volcanic origin it contains high amounts of natural minerals. Indicates that watering is required when the colour changes from reddish brown to yellow.

This soil is well suited to many varieties of bonsai (especially Azalea) and is ideal for a beginner. Can be used straight or mixed with other soils. 

Ibaraki Akadama Bonsai Soil is the harder variety and holds its structure well. Hard Akadama Bonsai Soil always has been a very popular soil as it has excellent water retaining properties, drains freely and allows the roots of trees to breathe. This product stands up well to watering and is now popular in aquariums due to its neutral pH values. This is a good combination for trees that do not need repotting annually.

This harder Akadama is more resistant to breaking down


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