garden furniture sets

At Johnstown Garden Centre, we have you covered when it comes to garden furniture. So, whether you are looking for a table for two or something a little bigger, we have it!

Finding the perfect garden furniture set take a little bit of time and research and there is a huge product range to choose from. Here are some helpful tips and advice when it comes to buying garden furniture


Measure the space

Whilst that shiny garden furniture set may look great on our website or in our store, make sure it fits the space you have allocated for it in your garden. More often than not, the garden furniture looks smaller when displayed in a large garden centre. But remember, no matter what size your garden area, we have the solution!

Secondly, when we are talking about space, consider where you will be storing the table and chairs, if they are staying in the same place, consider furniture covers to protect them from the wintery conditions. If storing in a nearby shed, make sure there are no leaks. If you have cushions, store them in a warm and dry environment to prevent against mold.


Consider The Material

Garden furniture comes in many different styles from plastic, aluminium, weave/rattan and wood. You may be tempted by the cheaper option, but keep in mind that garden furniture, like furniture for your home, is an investment and like all things, quality is usually reflected in the price. That being said, you want to make sure you get a good deal!

Plastic garden furniture is a cheap and cheerful option, it's main attraction is that it is cheap to buy and easy to clean. However, given our changeable weather, you will most likely be knocking into your neighbour at some point to retrieve your chair from their back garden. Plastic garden furniture also breaks easy so you will most likely have to replace a table or chair at some point, plus plastic is not too kind on the environment.

So, we've talked about space and material, now comes the exciting part when you choose your perfect garden furniture set. Here are your options;


Garden Bistro Sets

A garden bistro set is a table with two chairs, the perfect solution for a couple. Storing bistro sets is convenient and most sets fold away in just a few seconds.


Casual Dining Sets

Not everyone likes to sit at a dining table, our casual garden dining sets allow for a more relaxed setting whilst still providing a perfect dining experience.


Garden Benches & Loungers

Who doesn't like a garden bench where you can enjoy the lovely view or enjoy an evening beverage? We have lots of choose here, from wood, rattan and aluminium, why not add some stylish outdoor cushions and protect it with our furniture covers. 


Sun loungers

Soak up those rare times when the sun shines in Ireland with a more relaxed  choices. We have lots to choose from and why not pair your new sun lounger with a cushion box, ideal for storage and doubles as a side table!


Garden Furniture Accessories

So, by now, you hopefully have a better understanding of what you should look out for when it comes to choosing your new garden furniture set. Don't forget those extras from parasols to cushions and maybe even something for the kids, did you know we have a great range of elephant bean bags?


Shop our range of garden furniture here. If you would like to talk with our garden furniture experts, you can get in touch by clicking here.